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Clipsham Stone Cutting Company – producers and suppliers of quality natural limestone
building stone, giving more character to your property.




Clipsham Stone is ideal for Walling Stone because of its natural beauty.

MASONRY STONE and scants

Clipsham Stone is a member of the Lincolnshire Limestone deposits.

stone sawn six sides

In recent years, we have found a big demand for fireplaces and hearths…



Welcome to a world of natural, quality limestone and building stone.

Here at the Clipsham Stone Cutting Company, our aim is simple: To highlight your home’s best characteristics, with stunning stone features.

We already work with hundreds of proud homeowners throughout the Oakham, Uppingham, Rutland, Stamford, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire areas, supplying high-quality stone for a range of building projects. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous, natural stone flooring, a cosy, stone fireplace, or beautiful exterior walls that will last the distance, you can expect a friendly, bespoke service. Along with the admiration of neighbours and friends.

As a local, family-run business, our passion is helping you find the stone that’s perfect for your home. When you choose the Clipsham Stone Cutting Company, you’re in the hands of dedicated professionals. People who really care about their craft – and you.

High-quality stone at affordable prices

You want high-quality stone at affordable prices. That’s understandable. And that’s why we’re proud of our exclusive contract with the renowned Clipsham Quarry, making us the only building stone producers allowed to work within this fabled area. This privileged access makes this beautiful stone attainable. That means your home can now welcome exclusive, characteristic building stone at a reasonable cost.

And you’ll be in good company. The best, in fact. We’re proud to say that the name of our building stone is carved in history, with impressive accolades that include Windsor Castle, Lincoln Cathedral and The Houses of Parliament. Clipsham limestone marries class and character with outstanding natural beauty, ready to enhance your home. Naturally. Elegantly. Timelessly.

We’ve expanded our services into supplying stone masons, sawn on bed building stone, natural stone flooring, masonry stone and other, highly-coveted services. We aim to cater for all your building stone needs and you can see a full list of the work we do in the sidebar and read about each service we provide.

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Our committed team is ready to provide you with high-quality, elegant solutions for all your home projects. Beautiful stone makes the ordinary extraordinary. It transforms everyday buildings into stylish, charismatic homes. With Clipsham Stone Cutting Company limestone, you can give your home those rich touches of elegance, luxury and character you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to turn your home into a castle? Contact us today…

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Clipsham Stone Cutting Company – producers and suppliers of quality natural limestone building stone, giving more character to your property.

Since we were first established in 1995, it soon became clear that our customers were impressed with the unique quality of our building stone as Clipsham Stone is one of the best quality lime stones in the country,...


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