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No matter what stone projects you’re dreaming of, we can produce all types of masonry stone.  Our talented, on site stone mason is ready to craft stone that will enhance your home – and become its very own talking point. Every product you choose is made to order, meaning you can choose a design and style that’s tailored to your taste.





Masonry stone uses

Masonry stone is prevalent in construction history, with some of its most notable uses being the Taj Mahal, Cusco’s Incan Wall, the Egyptian Pyramids and Chartres Cathedral. Despite these fine accolades, it’s not all about buildings. Masonry stone has many other uses, including sculptures, memorial stone, fireplaces and much more. The limit is your imagination!





Crafting your own haven

Fireplaces are perhaps one of the most coveted uses of masonry stone. Whether you want to curl up with a book after a long day, or enjoy the company of friends and family, there’s something mesmerising about a natural fire in a stunning, natural stone setting.





It’s economical too. With the rising cost of fuel, we’ve helped many forward-thinking homeowners replace and renovate their old fireplaces to burn wood. Our privileged access to the renowned Clipsham Quarry in the heart of Rutland means your can have your dream fireplace – elegant, ornate or homely – for a very reasonable price. Stone is a heart-warming investment.





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Clipsham Stone Cutting Company – producers and suppliers of quality natural limestone building stone, giving more character to your property.

Since we were first established in 1995, it soon became clear that our customers were impressed with the unique quality of our building stone as Clipsham Stone is one of the best quality lime stones in the country,...


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