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You’ll adore the quality of our walling stone. We select each piece by hand, so you can transform your home’s surroundings into an elegant castle. And enveloping your home with our famous Clipsham stone is more affordable than you might think…

Our Stone

Sawn-on-Bed: Classic and honey-toned

This classic, honey-toned stone quarried from the heart of Rutland really will be the envy of your neighbours. We saw each piece individually to make sure it lays perfectly, before cropping it using our magnificent guillotine. It’s then gently tumbled to make sure the finished product is gorgeous and smooth. This beautiful stone is then packed onto pallets (each containing 7.5 square metres) in four heights:

  • 65mm
  • 90mm
  • 115mm
  • 140mm

Our sawn-on-bed walling stone is 110mm on bed and is supplied in varying lengths.

Traditional Cropped: Quality meets elegance

Also known as ‘rubble walling’, our traditional cropped stone is bright and elegant. Each piece is selected by hand from the quarry, so you know you’re investing in quality. When the guillotine cuts the stone, it reveals a beautiful textured face that exposes fossil formation. Our traditional cropped building stone is then dressed by hand to ensure a soft, luxurious finish.

Our walling stone is packed into tonne bags which contain approximately five square metres. The bags are sized into course heights: 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”. All courses are 4-5 inches on bed. These sizes are approximate due to the stone being produced by hand.

Dry Stone Walling: The iconic stone of the English countryside

Our dry stone walling is full of character. We select each piece by hand so you can count on the result being breathtaking, every time. The final look is gorgeous, natural stone with great personality – perfect for a homely feel. You can also take a look at our ‘cock and hen’ capping stones for the full nod to the traditional English countryside.




Ashlar Walling Stone: Historically smooth and decorative

Characterised by its smooth, pastel-like finish, ashlar walling stone is a stunning addition to any home. It’s the ideal choice when you need tailored stone for strict specifications. Ashlar walling stone is rich in heritage, with appearances including the construction of palace facades on Crete, including Knossos and Phaistos back in 1700–1450 BC. It’s the perfect stone to make your home a piece of history.

Natural Stone Cladding: Chic and customisable

This beautiful stone is as charismatic or as understated as you need it to be. With an undeniably chic finish, natural stone cladding can be tailored to your needs. With a range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes, various patterns can be created to suit your home’s signature look. Whatever you choose, your home will be transformed.

Stone for Gabion Baskets: Understated and gorgeous

Our stone for gabion baskets varies in size to suit your needs and you can count on it being the high quality you’re looking for. Gabion baskets have long proved a smart and practical solution for retaining walls and you can trust our stone to do the job perfectly. Whatever your style, we’ll find the ideal match.

Choosing the Clipsham Stone Cutting Company

Whatever your walling stone needs, you can rely on us to provide high-quality stone with a bespoke, professional and friendly service. Luxury is often in the details, and it’s the details we care about. Passionately.

You and your home deserve the best. Now let’s show you the home of your dreams…

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